Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good Morning Sun

And I do mean good morning! The sun shines directly into my room, which makes for a pretty glow in my room, but damn it does make it a little rough to sleep in. Not that I sleep in much these days -- my body on its own accord has decided to create a "get your ass out of bed really early" alarm. I think my body let me sleep in once until 10:00 a.m., and it was very lovely.

Did I mention that I'm reading a fantastic book called "Eat, Pray, Love." Now my grammar has gotten the best of me, and I can't remember if I am supposed to put quotes or underlines around book titles. Well, this blog won't allow for underlining...well, at least I sure don't know how. Anyway, the book is pretty much love for me. An early/mid-30's woman starts getting warning signs of an existential crisis. She has it all -- the husband, the job, the house, etc. When she thinks of children, she knows that a conventional life is not for her. The book details her journey to 3 different places around the world, and the piece of her that each place satisfies, such as Italy = Pleasure, India = Devotion, and Bali = Balance. I love, love, love this concept. Although I have to admit that the Pleasure portion of the book has been my favorite so far. I"m almost through the book, and she apparently has a follow-up book that is more down to earth, called "Committed."

So much for my daily practice of this blog. So, I'm a big fat liar. Speaking of big and fat, today shall be a physical day extraordinaire! When I get the umph to get going to the gym, I will go...then a pool party in the early afternoon, and a "friend's" party, which also involves a pool, in the later part of the afternoon. Yes, dissolved calories, you are not even a gleam in my eye.

So as for the updates...

Work: Wow, did I get fucking lucky or what? I mean, just wow. I work in a beautiful, but practical and down to earth office. It's 3 levels (I guess the 51 story skyrise was not in my cards), with the bottom floor a large, marbled atrium and a bank attached. Who cares about level 2, and level 3....ahhh sexy level 3, keeper of my rent checks, food money, and new pair of shoes. There are two attorneys in the office, but I work for one guy, and the rest of the staff works for the other guy. We are all in one large office, so I do get to gossip with the girls. Oh, what a nice change from the solo office of my last job (although at the time, I did not mind it). My boss, well, my big worry was getting an angry, abusive attorney...and my boss, I am happy to report, is neither angry nor abusive. In fact, he's pretty darn sweet, but he knows how to get down to business. I got very lucky. I also get to learn new areas of law, in addition to learning law in a new state. Overwhelmed? Of course. Excited? Absolutely.

School: NOT A FUCKING THING! Oh, haha, hehe, that makes me incredibly happy. My folks are sending over my paralegal certificate, which notes that I graduated with honors, thank you very much. What a pain-in-the-fucking-asshole that whole thing was, but very, very rewarding. And, I was put up on the school's website, with a little blurb titled "East Coast Success" or something of the like. But, I did have a dream last night of getting my Masters, which would of course mean I finish my Bachelors. So, maybe this will be a little project for me. I wonder if my credits from SFSU transfer to NJ schools...if so...the task would not nearly be as daunting.

Activity: Join kayaking group. Check. Love it. Join creative writing group. Check. Love it. Join paralegal group. Check. Love it. So, yeah, I really couldn't think of another way to meet people around this part of the country. Sure I have family (anywhere from within a 30 min-1.5hr radius), friends (another 40 mins to an hour away), but I needed to meet people HERE, locally. So, I'm slowly but surely checking out different groups and feeling things out. The kayak group is fantastic. I would go much more often if I had my own kayak, since many places they meet do not offer rentals. But, when the opportunity arises, I'm there. I've been twice in 1.5 months, so not a bad thing. Ahhh, the creative writing group. I went to my first meeting last Tuesday. They met at a mexican grill, much like a more fiesta-y version of Subway. Not to be alarmed though, the food was tasty, although the queso dip resembled that of Chili's, which was not so tasty.

I attended "Treasure Chest" night, which consisted of a group of us passing around this large treasure chest and picking out prompts for storytelling. I loved my prompt, and we spent maybe 30 mins or an hour (I lost track of time), writing, and then we got to share our stories around the room. I really enjoyed the concept, and very much enjoyed the people I met. I do want to chime in here with a very personal shout out to New Jersey, and I want to squash this rumor now. NEW JERSEY PEOPLE ARE NOT RUDE. IN FACT, THEY ARE MUCH MORE FRIENDLY THAN PEOPLE I HAVE ENCOUNTERED IN FLORIDA AND CALIFORNIA (generally speaking of course). There, I said it. People here are...NICE. And...FUNNY. I have yet to meet a truly nasty person here. Hello, Tangent, it seems I found you again.

So the creative writing group is having a pool party today, and I'm going dammit. I'm a sucker for swimming, and the weather is not letting me off the hook with her heat and pretty skies. I've been spending maybe a day or two down the shore. Wow, I said down the shore...this is something that New Jersians say when they are going to the beach. Once they are down the shore, they go to the beach. Apparently, the beach locals don't call it the shore, they call it the beach. Very confusing indeed. My friends rented out a cute townhouse about 3 blocks from white sandy beaches and water. And, they are also about 5 minutes away from Atlantic City. Not a bad place to be, at all.

I keep forgetting that I've only been here for about 1.5 months, I mean just wow.

But, my wrist is cramping up, and time is slowly ticking, and that gym is calling my name. So adios!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Here we go!

So, I am officially employed. Well, not officially as in that I've started work, but officially in that I was offered a job, and I accepted it. This is with interview #3, and I couldn't be more pleased. I need a job to balance the very swift pace of my daily depletion of funds. Oh, it's ugly, but hey, I need wood polish and lint rollers, right? Oh, and a GPS. Can I just take a moment here (I will anyway), and express my gratitude for my Insignia GPS? ***********moment of gratitude***********
I have apps, google, and I can now stop my daily harassment of my friends for driving directions.

So today is a gym day for me. Now that I'm getting settled here in NJ, I figure it's time for some normalcy again. My life has been anything but normal since my big move, so I'm ready for a little routine yet again. It's a toss up at this point between two gyms -- Bally's or Retro Fitness. I have yet to go inside either, which I will do today, but after digging on their online sites, I'm at a draw. If Retro had a pool, I would have been immediately sold. I really wanted my gym to have a pool. I love dunking in the water, and to be able to do that whenever I want, oh man, that sounds just great. However, Retro is not your typical steroided out gym (whereas I expect Bally's to be). There is an actual movie theater in the gym. That's right, a freaking, MOVIE THEATER, IN THE GYM. This excites me to no end. I'm a huge movie buff, so this is a total score. What to do, what to do? I suppose I just need to get on in there and check out these puppies. There are worse problems to have in life.

I am trying to keep myself busy and motivated with the groups I've joined. I recommend to anyone new to an area, or anyone who just needs a social pick-me-up. My area seems to be a very active area for which I am thankful. I'm in 10 different groups, ha! But, I've only been to a kayaking event, which was fanfuckingtastic. I've vowed to commit to this group since I have a history of hard passion and then burnout. But, I'm taking it slow with the kayaking. I'm not running off to buy a kayak just yet, but maybe sometime down the road.

I was tempted today to go back and read my first post, you know, from December '09. I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet. But, I'm going to try to again pick up the daily exercise of blogging to memorialize things, and to sharpen the old writing skills, which are in desperate need of sharpening.

So, off I go to find the gym of my dreams. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life in the fast lane

I finally found a moment in time again, when my brain is slowed down enough to put some thoughts down on paper, or monitor, if you will.

Job Hunting:
Interview #1: I arrived to NJ on Wednesday, June 8th. On Monday, the 14th, I went to my first interview with Robert Half Legal. I donned a fancy suit jacket, slacks, and heels. I gave myself a manicure, and off I went to the speed train, on my way to Central City Philadelphia. It was a good few blocks from the end of the line to my destination, and I mean good, long blocks. My feet were not pleased in the tight heels I was running around in, and I could feel my deoderant failing me on this very hot, humid day. I found the Mellon Bank building, and I went up to 25th floor to meet with the recruiter. There was one other girl sitting in the waiting room with me, who was very chatty, but very nice. My online information could not be found (turns out it was routed to the San Fran location instead), and so I had to fill out a little more paperwork than I had hoped for, but it wasn't too terrible. Shortly thereafter, I was sat down at the computer to take three tests -- Word, Legal Terminology, and Typing Speed. As I sat down at the computer, the fire alarm rang, and off Chatty Cathy and I went to the fire exit. The alarms kept ringing and ringing as we ran down the 25 flights of stairs. I thought to myself that there was no way in hell I would going to get burned down in Philadelphia at my first job interview. The heels were too much for me as I started to get dizzy going round and round. I threw off the heels, and we continued to fly down the stairs. We waited for about 30 minutes. The other girl canceled her appointment, and I went back up. I took the tests, and waited to meet with my recruiter. She came out, and we sat in her pretty office overlooking Philadelphia. She told me she was impressed with my test scores, and I silently patted myself on the back for the torture I endured to get that compliment. As we discussed realistic expectations, she told me she felt optimistic about finding work for me. I that day feeling pretty darn good!

Interview #2: This interview was with a national court reporting firm. I had contacted them about a month before my move, and as it turned out, they had not filled the spot! I was very excited to meet with the interviewer as we had been corresponding for quite some time. Again, this job was in Philadelphia, so I headed to the speed train westbound. As I was standing on the platform, I received a call from Interview #1, telling me that she had a 3-month opportunity for me. Although the pay was lower than I had hoped for, she gently cooed that I would gain the NJ experience I need to land a more permanent position. I let her know that I had an interview that I was running to, and that I would let her know what happened with that. Interview #2 was located right near #1, in the heart of Philly on Market Street. The bottom floor was a Charles Schwab, covered in marble, and I was instantly taken. The firm was on the 51st floor, and I fought back the panic I felt at going up and down 51 flights everyday. I went up, and to the office, and wowie it was pretty. The receptionist sat me in a beautiful conference room, overlooking Philadelphia, the Ben Franklin Bridge, and parts of NJ. It was a gorgeous view of the city, and I knew I could handle the 51 floors for a view like this. I had what felt to be a great interview. We discussed benefits, hours, holidays, etc. I took this as a good sign. I thought for sure I would be contacted within a day or so. I went home and sent a follow-up thank you email. I have class once in awhile, thank you. The day came and went. And then the next day came, and started to "went." I got a little nervous because I had not heard anything from Interview #2, and I promised Interview #1 I would let them know what happened so I can give an answer regarding the temp job. As the day passed, I felt comfortable leaving a message with #2, simply asking when I could expect an answer either way. Still nothing. So I called #1, and let her know that I had not heard back yet. She told me that her client was reviewing my resume still, and apparently had another person's resume in front of them. I was mildly surprised to hear this, as the impression I had was that if I said yes to the temp job, I had it. Maybe the recruiter was covering herself since I had another interview lined up, so I couldn't blame her.

I did not have much time to worry about the job situation, as my family was coming into town shortly, and I had a lot of things I needed to deal with, like getting insurance, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, etc.

#2 Cont'd: I received an email a week after the interview, and the interviewee apologized for the delay in getting back to me because she was out of the office, but would love to have me in for a 2nd interview. I was excited to hear from her and told her my availability. I did not hear from her for another week, and she told me she had wanted to get me in for the 2nd interview that day, but she got busy. She again asked me for my availability. I gave it to her again, but with a little hesitation, as I was surprised at the 2-week wait on this process. Another few days came and went, and still nothing. Even as of today, there I have not received a response.

So, this past Monday, I decided to get a bit more aggressive as the firm did not seem to be panning out the way I had hoped. I sent in a few more resumes, and lo and behold, I got two calls for interviews this Monday!

Interview #3: I immediately knew I liked this attorney right away. He had a soft telephone voice, and I felt the kindness right away. We set up an interview for the next day. I don't want to say too much about this interview as of yet, but I really do hope it works out. His only concern, and a fair one, is that I have no NJ legal experience. There is no one to train me, and I'd pretty much sink or swim. Having already been in that situation, I think I can swim for this guy. I do have another interview set up next week as well, and I'm (im)patiently waiting for that 2nd interview at the court reporting firm to be scheduled.

More soon, with more fun stuff besides job interviews!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Howdy folks...I'm moving on over to Twitter, because really, my brain just can't handle long blogs right now! I'm at Bhotel21 if anyone cares to know the scoop!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reno to SLC > SLC to Des Moines > Des Moines to DC

We woke up bright and early in Reno, Nevada. Our destination was Salt Lake City Utah. The terrain in Nevada was not that spectacular, but I found a beauty in the rolling brown dessert hills. It was hot, although dry. We had our water bottle army in the back seat to protect us against the hottest of temperatures. There is not a whole lot to say about Nevada except that every building seemed to have slot machines. The CVS (and there was a man playing the slots at 8:30 a.m.), the gas stations. I did not check if the fast food joints had them, but I'm pretty darn sure they did.

There were a few points of interest we wanted to visit before getting into SLC. The first being Battle Mountain.,_Nevada

As we read about the town of 3,000, we became even more fascinated with visiting the place. As it turns out, the town never had a battle and doesn't have a mountain. There is a large hill, and that's about it. The letters "BM" were cut through the face of the hill, which as immature as it was, made me giggle a little. Battle Mountain had small, desolate downtown, but the oasis was the Owl Cafe. We parked the car and looked at the owls painted on the side of the building. Half restaurant, half cafe, it looked like a pretty safe bet on some lunch. We were pleasantly pleased with our food. I had a crispy chicken salad with a cup of bean and ham soup. Brad had a nice nice looking breakfast plate of traditional pancakes, bacon and eggs.

****I will write more and finish this, but getting incredibly sleepy***

Saturday, June 5, 2010

San Francisco to Reno

I woke up this morning at 6 a.m. with a knot in my stomach. Today was the big day, my big move east. With all of the pieces carefully set in place, there were only a few minor things to take care of this morning, which of course are pretty boring and not worth mentioning. But by 10:30 a.m., I was flying down Highway One, SFO bound.

I greeted my long time friend, who was completely famished. Our first mission was to find food, and to find it quickly. Heading up I-80 East, we landed ourselves on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley and found of course, a Whole Foods to grab some lunch time munchies. After satisfying our grumbling stomachs, we finally headed East, but this time, we were Reno bound.

I-80 East is a stunning ride. Mountains and valleys dot the landscape, and as you slowly slope into the Great Basin, you are greeted with the snow peaked Sierra Nevadas just ahead. I held my breath as I felt my little Honda chug upwards. As we serenely drove through the winding roads, we noticed the beautiful trees and of course, my favorite site to see, SNOW! We found a little gas station, parked the car, and jumped around and played in the snow. My friend noticed Donner National Park on the map or maybe from some signs, and he wondered if it was related to the famous Donner story from the 1800's, where a group of travelers turned cannibal to survive. It was in fact related.

We veered off towards the park and entered it. A small hike down the path led us to a large monument, which also served as the fireplace to the travelers' cabin. We looked at each other and both thought the same terrible thought of "I bet this is where they cooked their friends." We read the names of the perished on the left and the survivors on the right. We paid our quick tribute and left the park.

Our next destination was Lake Tahoe. It was my one California bucket list place. As an aside, I have an affinity for mountains and any snowy place in general, and especially water. So Lake Tahoe was the holy trinity of beauty in my eyes, and I was not leaving California without seeing it. We wound up and down the roads my friend's trusty GPS led us to. We crawled higher and higher and I believe at that point we had hit 6k feet elevation. The views were as beautiful as can be imagined, which are posted on I almost lost my breath as the large, blue body of water came into view. There was the grand Lake Tahoe. We parked our car near the CA/NV border and walked over to a beach. The water was a deep, dark blue, and straight across from us were the snow capped Sierras looking just as dominating as ever.

After Tahoe, we were ready to get to Reno! Back up the narrow mountain road again we went. This time, the elevation was even higher than the last road. We hit the summit at a whopping 9k feet elevation, and I silently thanked my civic for being so dependable during this treacherous drive. Once we hit the peak of the summit, the downward winding roads led us into a new kind of desert, sandy terrain. Gone were the rolling green hills, steep cliffs, and trees. Hello sandy, brown lumps of beauty.

We found a great hotel which had free shuttle service into town. After a good, hot shower and a fresh pair of clothes, we went into the biggest, little city of RENO! Bright, tacky, and flashy lights artificially lit the streets. We found a cute Pho restaurant which had pretty ok food. The waiter suggested I try the housemade lemonade, which was much too sour for my liking (my friend later saw them making the lemonade with a mix, so much for homeade!).

We went into a promising casino called CalNeva. We found ourselves in karaoke country. We got comfortable at a little table and enjoyed the very fiesty, elderly man showing his country dance moves to all. With midori sours in hand, we listened to a rapper as well, but it was mostly older country men singing their hearts out on that stage. It was quite the sight, and no words can do the dancing old man justice. My friend and I had no idea that Reno was so country. To add on to the strangeness of Reno, our shuttle driver was completely insane, but he seemed to have a good sense of humor despite his schizophrenic mannerism.

Mileage wise we didn't go too far today, but there was too much beauty to enjoy. Tomorrow our destination is Salt Lake City or possibly beyond!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Biore Strip Bonanza

I'm kind of addicted to Biore strips. Such a strange addiction to start at the tail end of one's 20's, but a good one in my opinion, nonetheless. This fascination with pore digging started with my friend's magnifying mirror. I innocently asked to borrow her mirror for a routine hair check, and much to my horror, this evil monster of a mirror highlighted every blemish in a most unsatisfying way. I couldn't stop staring at my pores, and immediately vowed to find strips to suck that dirt right off my face.

My friend and I cruised the drug store aisles in search of said strips, and we almost gave up before I heard a cry of, "I FOUND THEM!"

I will spare the details of my Biore experience, but I will say this -- it works, and it's strangely enjoyable, at least to me. With Biore strips on my nose and chin, and a bottle of hair dye, I know tonight will be...special.

This morning I took my car into the shop to have a routine inspection and maintenance. It cost me a pretty penny, but the peace of mind is worth it I suppose. A shuttle took me home, and a very nice friend took me back to the dealership to get the car. We then went to my favorite Thai place for a relaxing lunch.

I told her that I felt exhausted. The Thai iced tea gave me a quick perk, but I felt quickly crashed. I think my friend may be right on this one; that everything finally caught up with me. My last night of class was this past Thursday, and as anti-climatic the actual class was, I was floating on Cloud 9. And, for the past two days, I've been utterly exhausted. Although I did manage to hit the gym, take care of my car, dogsit the most adorable little guy on the planet, and of course apply many biore strips to my face.

My move is happening so soon, and it's pretty surreal to me at this point. When I start to really think hard about what I'm doing, my heart races and I lose a bit of breath. I'm very excited about my move, and I've put about a year's worth of work into orchestrating everything, but there is of course a bit of sadness that comes with such excitement. My mom asked if I was going to cry when I left. I told her I wasn't sure, since heavy things tend to not hit me until much, much later. One of my best friends moved to Colorado, and I didn't cry about it until a year or so later. I'm just a bit slow on the uptake I suppose.

I'm trying to drink in all of the beauty I can before I head out. There is beauty everywhere for sure, but this part of the west has a special kind of magic that tugs on the heart of those lucky enough to experience it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playing hooky

I ditched class again. Oh it feels good to be so bad. Well, it feels good to relax after several nights of severe sneezing and water eyes. Allergies, will you ever leave me alone? But, really, I've missed now a total of 3 classes. Considering my full-time school load, I think that's not too shabby of a record. Two more weeks until the close of the semester. It's hard to believe how quickly this all went by. When I started my blog back in December, the days were crawling by so slowly that I didn't know how I would make it to the summer. But, here I am, and I survived it!

Work has become a drag as I dream of lazy rivers and sunny days ahead. I find myself spacing out, and I think I even got busted surfing the net at work. Mind you, I take about 15 minute lunches and rarely take breaks, so I feel no remorse at taking some time out to check emails and check out the latest Facebook happenings. But really, I am getting more resentful with each passing moment I sit behind that desk. Today was not all lost -- I did get a response to my resume, wowie!

I've been talking a lot to my cute little niece and nephew. A part of me feels a bit of sadness that I missed out on so much of their lives being so far from them. But, I know deep in my heart how miserable of a person I would be if I had never taken the risk of moving out west, which I believe has served an amazing purpose in my life. But, we have been having animated chats about NYC, Philly, and Atlantic City -- all of which will be in close proximity to me in just over a month. My nephew, who is an adventure bug much like his aunt, is enchanted with the idea of exploring new terrain.

I skipped class yesterday as well. Instead I went over the UPS store to get estimates on shipping boxes. I was happily surprised to find out how cheap it would be to mail some of my boxes. My mother suggested to dump everything that won't fit in my car, but I can't bring myself to part with certain things. I then purchased some boxes and proceeded to start packing several more boxes. I piled the heavy boxes into my car and realized how silly it was that I have to hide my moving boxes out of respect for the ex. I knew this needed to be addressed and quickly because I just wouldn't have enough space in my car soon. So last night as we were watching some t.v., and after I yelled at him in annoyance for constantly talking over my show (I mean really, who does that?), he asked me a question that I was not ready for.

Now gentle readers, this might leave the g-rated zone (but only going for PG-13 from here) for several minutes, so if sexual talk makes you feel icky sticky inside, please discontinue reading from hereon. So, he asked me if the reason I don't let him touch me or kiss me anymore is because I just don't like him. I was startled for a moment before I could answer. Because the answer is a resounding, YES, OF COURSE, DUH, HELLO! But, as I looked at him, I couldn't bring myself to say what I was really thinking -- that I am just not sexually into him anymore. That I'd rather say hello to my trusty vibrating dolphin friend than be intimate with him. But, as I looked at him and thought of how much I'd been hurt by insensitive pricks in my late teens and early 20's, I couldn't bring myself to pass on that kind of pain. He doesn't deserve that kind of pain. So, I lied. I lied big time. I told him that it was just too hard with everything that was going on. He told me how relieved he was because he thought I just wasn't into him anymore.

As he breathed a sigh of relief, I stared at a spot on the wall, wondering how to not be a heartless frost queen. The frost queen reared her ugly head against my willpower, and I told him that I thought he was not in touch with the reality that I was really leaving. I told him I needed to pack, and out of respect I wasn't keeping boxes in the apartment, but that it wasn't really a reasonable way to do things. He got dodgy with me and told me my boxes weren't his problem and he just didn't want to see them. After more prodding, we agreed that the boxes would stay in the apartment, but I'd cover them up with a blanket. Sounds like a decent compromise.

My nephew asked me tonight about how I felt about the move. What an intuitive and sensitive fellow he has become. I told him that I felt a mixture of sadness, happiness, excitement, nervousness, but that it really depended on the moment. I told him that I was excited to be much closer to the family, and I hope I get to take that train to Colorado with my nephew as I've promised him.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fuck yeah!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stop, rewind, start again...

I could use a redo of today. Today was one of the more brutal ass woopings I have endured as of late. The wooping proceedings commenced this morning with my daily dose of allergy attacks. Half asleep with a puffed face, I dragged myself into work, wishing I could just call in. That is the worst part of working with a sole practitioner--the guilt factor with a sick call. I grudgingly dragged myself into work and all was well until sometime in the late afternoon.

With the constant aggravation of being interrupted while in the middle of projects, my boss consistently badgered me with question after question. Questions that could easily have been answered without screaming questions at me. Questions that would take her about 2 seconds to figure out, but are better directed at me while in the midst of large piles of work to do. At one point, my hole puncher got filled up with little white dots of paper. You know, those annoying dots that litter the floor. Well, those dots make me fucking insane. I need a very neat work space in order to function, and white dots on the floor really bother me. So, I started picking them up. My boss gives me a dirty look and tells me to stop; that we have bills to do. More questions to be answered, more annoyances. I told her I was only one person. She told me she knew. She then continued to badger/micro-manage me to the point where I had to tell her she was making me crazy. I told her that since I don't smoke anymore, sometimes doing some mind numbing thing like picking up white dots off the floor helps me clear my head. Especially since I don't even take real breaks anymore. I got teary eyed and almost burst into tears as I tried to explain this to her. I was so angry and frustrated by this point that I couldn't control it.

After blowing up at her, I apologized. I told her I was stressed from the move, school, and all these huge work projects. She really has been piling me up lately, and I'm on the downward slope to Idontcareanymore land.

I cried on the car ride to school, and did what any upset girl would do. I called my mommy. I called her and cried, and I bitched, and I moaned and groaned. I let it all out with Momz and she was pretty great. By the time I was done talking to my mom, I felt worlds better. I went to grab some dinner in the food court and all was well.........until....

I hopped in the elevator to go to Floor 6. At Floor 1, the already somewhat full elevator stopped, and people started piling in. Not a normal crowd, but so many people that I couldn't even breathe. I hate elevators to begin with, and with the history of the elevators getting stuck and the already strange creakings I was hearing, I went into panic mode. I told everyone I was getting off the elevator, and I elbowed my way through the crowd. There must have been at least 15 people on that elevator. )The security guard later told me the max is 8.) So, I hop off to see a large crowd of people forming a line at the elevators. There are 6 (or 4) elevators, and apparently they all stopped working. As I breathed a sigh of relief that I jumped ship just in time, the line grew larger and larger. After about 15 minutes of waiting, the security guard finally unlocked the doors and let us go up the stairs. 6 flights for me, thank you.

Class went smoothly for the most part. There is one very loud girl who sometimes joins our night class. After the day I had, I was in no mood for her obnoxious ass. I was aggro on her several times in the class, and though it's not normally my style to call people out like that, tonight was a good night for it. I just wasn't in the mood.

So, now I'm home, with a minor headache. Ready for a hot shower and some Indiana Jones. Also, my boss will be on Dr. Phil tomorrow as a legal consultant. So if anyone is interested...should be interesting, but expect to feel pretty depressed afterwards!